Bio-Circuit: Biocatalyst Microbial fuel cell


Bio-Circuit: Biocatalyst Microbial fuel cell


Bio-Circuit: Biocatalyst Microbial fuel cell


Our recent innovative bio-circuit products:
BCS-1. Treat nutrients (sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds) from rubber sheet and rubber concentrate process wastewater or animal farm or after biogas process wastewater or municipal etc.

BCS-2. Decolorize the polyphenols from palm oil milled wastewater or ethanol process wastewater or etc.

BCS-3. Treat low nutrient wastewater from soft drink or sweet industries or etc.

BCS-4. Treat high lipid wastewater from food industry or restaurant or biodiesel or hydrocarbon etc

Next project
BCS-5 Recovery heavy metal and treat toxic wastewater from leachate or science laboratory or etc.

Bio-Circuit Strengths
Reduce aerated energy >80% with the same efficiency as aerated treatment
Able to treat without pH adjustment
Environmental friendly

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